Despair and hope in northern Iraq

Dakota Daemyn*, a disaster response specialist serving with OM Near East, led a week-long assessment of the current crisis in northern Iraq. That assessment forms the basis for our ongoing ministry to displaced Iraqis in the Kurdish region of Iraq. “We fled to the village outside Mosul the first time …

Ukraine Prayer Update

We’ve just received this update from our OM team in Ukraine:  Ukraine Needs Your Prayers – The conflict in Ukraine continues to grow in intensity and scale of destruction. – The MH17 flight tragedy in Ukraine’s eastern region has shocked the world. – The conservative death toll figures from the …

Hope in Desolation

An explosion shatters the stillness of the night. People scramble for shelter, the air thick with fear as they huddle together, wondering if they will even live to see another morning. A mother struggles to silence her crying child and cringes at the shouts that seem to echo across the …

Artist Spotlight: Abby

Like so many other young artists, Abby’s experience at Incarnate 2014 was nothing short of life changing. Skilled in over five instruments, her giftedness in the area of music was unparalleled by any other student. In fact, she was so talented, that even Incarnate leader Bill Drake found himself astounded …

Artist Spotlight: Kara

With her contagious laugh and bubbly personality, Kara brought joy to everyone who attended Incarnate 2014. As a small town girl from Minnesota, Kara had grown up in a large homeschooling family with seven other siblings. Time – Oil paint on canvas Although she had only taken one online art course, …

Artist Spotlight: Emma

The shadows danced on the walls of the small cave as Emma leaned against the stones, eyes closed and heart searching for answers. The group had long since left, but she had requested to remain alone, in a cave where persecuted Christians had once come to worship in secret. Sing. …

Artist Spotlight: Katie

When Katie first arrived in Bobbio Pellice, Italy for OM’s 2014 Incarnate event, she was exhausted – physically, mentally, and perhaps most of all, emotionally. For the past four years, she had been serving with the OM ships ministry and the intense community and lifestyle had left her needing time …

Artist Spotlight: Sophia

Bell in a Tower – acrylic on canvas After serving in Morocco with her family for four years, Sophia finally had the opportunity to experience the impact of OM Arts through the Incarnate 2014 program. However, despite her initial excitement to attend, staff and other students began to notice that she …