The Need for a Refugee Relief Organization That Feeds Body and Soul

Syrian refugees getting bread

The Syrian refugee crisis has resulted in increased activity for refugee relief organizations worldwide. As more countries open their borders to the refugees, efforts will certainly expand. While humanitarian efforts are fruitful in many ways, there’s a unique combination of help that’s needed for this particular crisis. This unique assistance provides for the body and the soul.

There’s no silver bullet for providing relief for refugees of war and natural disasters. Each case requires its own unique set of efforts. And even with the most noble efforts, they can’t perfectly satisfy the needs of everyone affected. Only God can fill the void of joy in the heart of a suffering refugee; but that shouldn’t deter us from helping however we can.

Standard relief efforts typically include providing basic supplies (toiletries, etc.), shelter, access to clean water, and medical assistance. A larger refugee relief organization can provide in all these ways but organizations typically focus on one or two of these support methods. For instance, Doctors Without Borders provides direct medical care in hospitals and health centers. They are doing this exact thing in Syria in response to refugee crisis. World Food Programme has focused on providing food to Syrian refugees in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Turkey and other countries.

We give thanks to God for using these refugee relief organizations as His means for showing his grace and mercy to the Syrian refugees regardless of their beliefs (the majority being Muslim). As Christians, our duty is to move with both love and truth every day, but especially in times and situations like this. With James 2:14-17 in mind, we’re to have a faith that leads to our refugee support efforts of providing food and others materials to those in need. This is showing care for others both physically and spiritually. Drive by prayers and terse thoughts of hope and faith won’t get the job done. There’s work to do.

A Christian refugee relief organization does more than hand out Bible translations and toothbrushes in passing. A serious crisis like the Syrian Civil War calls for us to be there for the refugees and nurture relationships with them. Our goal at OM USA is to offer more than relief. We want to share a Word that leads to Life and remain there to further educate and disciple the refugees in the things of the Christian faith. We will not position ourselves as an organization that will solely satisfy the physical yearnings of refugees; because while the body is important, it’s far from everything. Souls are at stake.

As mentioned in our previous post on Syrian refugee crisis facts, God is using calamity to bless us with an amazing opportunity to reach the unsaved with the gospel of Jesus Christ. We would be grateful for your donations of time, talents, and currency in our efforts to provide for the Syrian refugees physically and spiritually. Donate today.

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