Ukraine Prayer Update


We’ve just received this update from our OM team in Ukraine:

 Ukraine Needs Your Prayers
– The conflict in Ukraine continues to grow in intensity and scale of destruction.
– The MH17 flight tragedy in Ukraine’s eastern region has shocked the world.
– The conservative death toll figures from the conflict since mid-April is now over 2000 people and 6000 wounded. More than half of those in the last month.  Recently about 60 have died every day.
– The number refugees or internally displaced persons (IDP) is over 330,000.
– In several large cities hundreds of thousands people are without basic necessities.  Lugansk still has an estimated 250,000 living without running water, electricity, gas now for 3 weeks.
– Vital city services like water pumping stations, electrical substations and strategic factories etc. have been damaged or destroyed.
– Around 200 bridges have been blown up.
– There are hundreds being held captive.
OM with its ministry partners have been ministering in many different ways.  Food and emergency Aid to and sheltering of Refugees, kids camps to IDPs, ministry to soldiers, gifts of Bibles, NT and literature.
– Over the last weeks we have helped finance those ministering bravely to evacuate hundreds of those trapped but wanting to flee the conflict zone. This continues to be a major need.
– There are no indications that the conflict will be over soon. We are preparing for ministry during winter. With an energy crisis expected to hit just a soon as the cold weather arrives, we need to change over from natural gas to an alternative heat source at at least three locations where OM teams are ministering. It is very likely to be a tough winter for Ukraine this year.
– for Peace.
– for evil in the midst of the conflict to be thwarted.
– for salvation for people’s souls.
– physical protection.
– heating this winter.
– wisdom, Kingdom partnerships and resources.

Please pray for Ukraine. 

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