Hope in Desolation


An explosion shatters the stillness of the night.
People scramble for shelter, the air thick with fear as they huddle together, wondering if they will even live to see another morning. A mother struggles to silence her crying child and cringes at the shouts that seem to echo across the dessert. An orphan crouches into the shadows and trembles as he hears the heavy footsteps that beat across the sandy terrain. As yet another bomb rumbles through the war-torn landscape, ripping up everything in its path, there is only one question that remains…
When will it all end?
For the people of Syria, these types of experiences have become a reality that they face each day. Several million have been internally displaced during the ongoing conflict and many others have already fled to neighboring countries.
However, even in the midst of tragedy, God is working and transforming lives. Operation Mobilization is currently involved in aid efforts and has witnessed people from all backgrounds come to faith.
Partnering with local churches and Christian groups, OM is beginning to see openness in a culture that was once very difficult to penetrate.

Pray for the Displaced…

-Comfort and peace in the midst of difficult living conditions
-Changed lives that will go back and impact Syria
Pray for the Arab Church…
-Continued encouragement and perseverance
-Wisdom and direction as they engage with the people
-Direction as they faithfully serve
-They would not grow weary
-Thrive and trust in Jesus, despite danger and persecution
Pray for OM’s Work in the Near East
-The right people would join us
-Development of sustainability projects
-God would bring a social media coordinator
-New teams going to Zahle and Ibid

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