Changing the World, One Artist at a Time

Art is a universal language. It transcends dialects, cultures, and lifestyles. It engages the imagination and speaks to each individual in a unique and personal way. It has the power to touch lives, to excite, and to impassion.
And, as Operation Mobilization has discovered, art has the potential to impact entire communities and reach people for Christ.
OM Arts, a branch of OM International, has sought to provide Christian artists with a channel to utilize their unique talents and gifts to communicate the gospel.
Their flagship program known as Incarnate, invites artists to spent three months in the Italian Alps, tucked away in the rural village of Bobbio Pellice. During this time, they are helped to develop their craft through training, art projects, and community engagement. They are also discipled and mentored on how to best utilize these talents for a future career serving through art ministry.
Bobbio Pellice, Italy
The vision of Incarnate is to prepare artists to use their skills as a tool for sharing the gospel globally. Touching lives all over the world, OM Arts has proved that God can use any medium to spread the message of salvation among the nations.

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