Artist Spotlight: Sophia


Bell in a Tower – acrylic on canvas

After serving in Morocco with her family for four years, Sophia finally had the opportunity to experience the impact of OM Arts through the Incarnate 2014 program. However, despite her initial excitement to attend, staff and other students began to notice that she was quiet and often kept to herself.

Wanting to ensure that she felt included, one of the workers approached Sophia voicing their complete support for her.
“I told her that if she needed time alone, or time to pull herself away that it was totally okay,” the staff member shared.
However, as Sophia later explained, the experience was much more than she had ever anticipated. In fact, after having a lack of community for so many years, she found the entire program completely overwhelming.
This didn’t stop the entire team from pouring into Sophia’s life and watching her grow and flourish over the next three months.
“There’s something about community, that when you really experience it you want to stay there. It was so amazing to see someone who is so young to be transformed so quickly,” the worker said.
Beneath the Fig Tree – acrylic on canvas
Now, as Sophia returns home to Morocco, she has wrestled with the question of how to bring that sense of community back with her. Although this process may take time, she possesses a true heart to use her gifts for the Lord and to serve the Muslims and refugees.
Sophia was described as being a phenomenal visual artist with a deep desire to be responsive to God’s calling in her life.
“She doesn’t care what it looks like, where it is, or the timing…she just wants to be obedient,” the staff member explained.
Bird on a Wire – acrylic on canvas
Despite the intense culture of Morocco, Sophia is truly excited about serving the Lord right where He has placed her. Although it will certainly not be easy, she is stepping out in faith and blooming where she has been planted.

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