Artist Spotlight: Katie


When Katie first arrived in Bobbio Pellice, Italy for OM’s 2014 Incarnate event, she was exhausted – physically, mentally, and perhaps most of all, emotionally.
For the past four years, she had been serving with the OM ships ministry and the intense community and lifestyle had left her needing time to rest and recharge.
As the first few days passed, workers began to notice that Katie often pulled away from group activities to be alone. However, despite her hesitancy to interact, the Incarnate staff still saw an artist with incredible potential.
It became increasingly obvious that something was troubling Katie, causing her to hold back from fully engaging. It wasn’t until several weeks later that she finally approached one of the staff members with a concerned look on her face.
“I think I’m in trouble,” she began, “I’m starting to fall in love with the people here and that scares me. I’ve done that so much during these past few years [on the ships], and then people leave.”
Listening to Katie’s fears, the team member was able to share the long-term vision of the Incarnate ministry. “We’re not just people who come for 90 days and invade your life. We want to walk this journey with you, and continue serving and praying for you.”
Finally something “clicked” for Katie, and she truly began to understand and feel a safety that she had never experienced before. As the staff continued to love and invest in her, they watched her open up in new and exciting ways.
Now, utilizing her musical gifts and talents, she hopes to join OM Costa Rica or OM Arts International as a resident artist. After many years of exposure to various cultures during her time on the ships, she truly possesses a heart for the people of the world. One of her strongest passions is to bring hope to the homeless children on the streets and restoration to those who have never heard the gospel.
Taking everything that she learned at Incarnate, Katie’s deepest desire is to pour into others, refreshing them, just as she herself has been refreshed.

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