Artist Spotlight: Kara


With her contagious laugh and bubbly personality, Kara brought joy to everyone who attended Incarnate 2014. As a small town girl from Minnesota, Kara had grown up in a large homeschooling family with seven other siblings.
Time – Oil paint on canvas
Although she had only taken one online art course, she possessed incredible talent, particularly in the area of painting. Her passion was to create art of people that society often considered to be insignificant or unimportant.
She was especially skilled at painting with a knife, creating a unique “ruggedness” that truly captured the essence of each subject.
Not only was Kara an accomplished artist, but she also impressed the Incarnate team with her heart for missions. She had previously been working with a refugee ministry and was already on her way to be a career missionary with substantial support.
Several weeks into the Incarnate program, Kara approached Teri Drake, one of the leaders, and shared her desire to go to Ethiopia as a missionary.
Teri wisely suggested that she write to the Ethiopian field leader, asking if they had an art program that she could participate in. She then requested that Kara draft up a list of her passions and the things that truly excited her.
When she finally received a message from Ethiopia, Kara came again to Teri, “The leader said that they don’t have a vision for art, but I could do it on the side.”
Teri paused for a moment and then replied, “But I didn’t see teaching English on your list of passions.”
Protection and Provision – Oil paint on canvas
This wise counsel impacted Kara, eventually influencing her decision to participate in the art program in Belgium instead. Now, as she has returned home, she is currently raising support for her first art missionary trip.
Throughout her time at Incarnate, Kara proved to be a true inspiration to everyone who met her. As she embarks on this newest journey, she is excited to use art as a means for reaching people all over the world.

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