Artist Spotlight: Abby


Like so many other young artists, Abby’s experience at Incarnate 2014 was nothing short of life changing. Skilled in over five instruments, her giftedness in the area of music was unparalleled by any other student. In fact, she was so talented, that even Incarnate leader Bill Drake found himself astounded at her musical genius.
However, despite her impressive strengths in the area of music, Abby was also very broken and damaged. Originally from Finland, her early life had been one of abuse and pain that she was desperately trying to forget. Her time at Incarnate was a drastic change from the world she had previously known, but each day was still a struggle that she had to overcome.
For the final project, each musical artist was required to create one song, showcasing everything that they had learned during the previous three months. Inspired by a recent lesson on the “Story Arc” from Genesis to Revelation, Abby chose to write four songs instead of one.
Her idea was that each song would signify a piece of the remarkable story of God’s redemption and love for His people.
1. Location (The Garden of Eden)
2. Dislocation (The Fall)
3. Relocation (The Cross)
4. Restoration (Resurrection/New Life)
She was able to complete the first two sections of her musical composition, however, when she reached the third piece she couldn’t go any further. As her frustration mounted, Abby began to wrestle with many events that had occurred in her past.
It was one night in the recording studio that she finally broke down, confessing and sharing everything that she had been through. As the Incarnate team gathered around and prayed for her, Abby was finally delivered from the pain and bitterness that had plagued her for so many years.
As this healing began to take place, the music also began to flow. When she finished the last note of the last song, there was no doubt that Abby’s life had been completely transformed.
Her piece, which she titled “The Restoration Suite,” is a striking reflection of her personal journey, conveying the awe-inspiring beauty of love and forgiveness.

While she is still uncertain about her future plans, the leadership team at Incarnate hopes to eventually help her record her own album. There is no doubt that God has gifted Abby with her incredible musical abilities for a reason. As she continues to follow Him, Abby trusts that He will guide and direct each of her steps on how to use her talents to bring Him glory.Watch the Incarnate 2014 video: Restoration Suite

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