Prayer Plus: International Perspectives

For the first time in nearly a decade, Operation Mobilization’s international board of executives visited the Atlanta-based office. During the weekly prayer meeting, they addressed staff and volunteers, each taking a few moments to share the work that God is doing around the world.
South Africa Field Leader, Peter Tarantal
Leaders from Mozambique, France, and South Africa recounted numerous life-changing experiences that they had witnessed through interactions with the locals. They told about evangelism, missionary training, and voiced genuine gratitude for OM’s faithful partnership. As they endeavor to take the gospel to the ends of the world, they each agreed that their work would not be possible without the prayer and support of those in the United States. Though the journey is often wrought with difficulty, they are beginning to see many people respond to the gospel and experience the saving power of Jesus Christ in their lives.
Staff and volunteers gather to pray for the leadership
team and their ministry around the world.
CEO of the Ships Ministry, Peter Nicoll, inspired the audience as he shared stories from over 40 years of ongoing global impact. He described the recent experience of welcoming nearly 46,000 Japanese onboard to provide encouragement and share the hope of the gospel. Through literature distribution and evangelism, the ships have aided in mobilizing local churches and taking the scripture to places that would be otherwise unreachable. The ministry continues to expand rapidly, with the Logos Hope being the only OM project that had raised $10 million dollars of funding nearly two years before they needed it. As God is continues to do amazing things through OM’s ship ministry, Nicoll urges fellow believers to pray, believing that that the ministry is truly propelled by the prayers of God’s people.
International Director, Lawrence Tong
International Director, Lawrence Tong expressed his visions for OM as the organization embarks on a 24-month journey towards restructuring. The goal of this transition, he explained, is not to be better or perfect, but instead to release, equip, and empower thousands more people to missions. As he shared from Genesis 13, Tong’s awe-inspiring passion and heart for missions shone through. With over two million people who have never heard the gospel, Tong’s vision is to dare to trust God for things so big that they are bound to fail without His help. During this time of change, his desire is that OM would be completely available and ready to take action in any way that God should choose. As Tong so perfectly described, “Let us be the coin in God’s pocket to use in any way that he pleases.” Tong believes that as OM continues to grow, God will use the organization in extraordinary ways to claim the entire earth for His kingdom. 

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