A Transformed Life: John’s Story

It was a day just like any other.
Confined to his wheelchair, John sat at the edge of the crowded street, begging in order to survive. Some took pity, and others walked by in disgust, not even daring to lay a finger on his wheelchair. As a disabled person, John had been an outcast for years, rejected by both his family and society.
As the people continued to rush by, many refusing to glance in his direction, one woman slowly approached the place where he was sitting. As he did every day, John called out to her, pleading for food or money. Little did he know that his life was about to change forever.
This woman, as it turned out, had previously worked with OM Zambia and Bethesda Ministries, an organization dedicated to reaching out to the disabled of Africa. After a long conversation, she was able to connect John with Peter Chila, the current leader of Bethesda.

John shares his story

Through the work of OM Zambia that John has now experienced true love and acceptance. As he shared his story, he glowed with a renewed hope and purpose, one that can only come from the knowledge of Jesus Christ.

John now leads a support group in his community, meeting each Friday and sharing encouragement and scripture to people like himself. The work of those at Bethesda has truly transformed his life, providing him with opportunities that are beyond even his wildest imaginations.
“One day during our meeting, Peter came to me and told me that I was included in the team to travel to America,” John explained. “I never thought or dreamed that one day I would come to America…I am from a poor family and I am also disabled. I know now that my God is so great and so powerful.”
Along with the OM Zambia leadership team, John will be traveling to Minnesota to attend a national wheelchair camp. Throughout his time, he will participate in activities, listen to speakers, and meet others who struggle with similar disabilities.
“I cannot wait to go back home and share with my fellow disabled, making them understand that it is only God who is capable of bringing change into our lives. I want to help others experience exactly what has happened to me.”
John truly believes that God has used Bethesda to give him a second chance at life. His deepest desire is to spread the message of healing and compassion to everyone around him, impacting those who are despised and forgotten.

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