“Just be.”

A Roma (gypsy) child in Europe.

“About six months ago, I stood at the back of a chapel listening to a young man who is giving his life to serve God in missions,” said Melissa, a U.S. high school teacher. 

“He was challenging the high schoolers I work with to think about God’s love propelling them to tell others. At least I think that is what he was talking about. It was hard to focus as God was having His own conversation with me. I heard God clearly speak to my heart that morning, ‘It’s time to go.’ I had been waiting for those words for several years.”  As a missionary kid, Melissa’s heart had long been to be a full-time missionary. Since graduating from college six years ago, she has regularly asked God whether it was time to go. The answer has always been, “Not now, not for a while.” 

“I was shocked when I heard God’s summons to go that morning,” Melissa continued. “I was to go on a short-trip to the Roma gypsies this summer. When I asked Him what I was to do there, He answered that it wasn’t about doing anything. ‘Just be,’ He said. I was so excited about this news. During my senior year of college, I had written a paper about the Roma people and had been praying for them ever since. So now it was time to go. I found OM’s website advertising short-term trips for 2011 on Google. They had a trip going to Romania to work with the Roma people. When I read the tag line for it, I almost fell out of my seat, ‘Our goal is to just BE for the Roma people.’ Those were the exact words God had given me for the trip. The rest is history…”

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