Creative ministry ideas at TeenStreet

As part of the TeenStreet conference in Germany this year, 2,000 teens hit the streets with:

Teens wait as a local man fills out a postcard; postage was paid by TeenStreet.
  • drama
  • music
  • street dancing
  • face-painting
  • nail painting
  • chatrooms
  • prayer walking
  • handing out roses 
  • free postcards 

In partnership with the city of Offenburg, an attempt was even made to beat the record for Germany’s longest coffee table.  TeenStreet served 625 tables with coffee and cake provided by a local bakery and many encouraging conversations were started.

“We want Christians to be involved in society, making an impact by serving, being an example and sharing the love of God in practical ways,” said Clarion Samuels of OM Germany, “Young people play a big part in changing society with the love of God.”

The City of Offenburg was so impressed by the event that they invited TeenStreet back to the city  for two more nights. It was not the world record that impressed the officials.  Clarion says, “They were impressed by the discipline and love the teenagers shared with other people and how they served the city. Through the teenagers of TeenStreet, locals have come to view teenagers in a new way.”

You can participate in creative ministries on a short-term mission trip.  See creative trips available here.

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