Crawling deep into their hearts

Mr. Suda, laughing with the church team.

They hardly knew any Japanese, but a church team from Singapore was in Japan to show God’s love with their acts of service.  As one OM worker writes, “what they could do in those few days were so limited, but I believe God has used them in an amazing way through their attitudes. With very little words, they could crawl deep into the hearts of many Japanese people.”

One of those people was Mr. Suda, whose house was being cleared of rubble by the church team.  For the first few days he was quiet, not offering a greeting for the team.  “At first I was so disappointed”, said one of the volunteers, “he didn’t even bother to thank us, but then I realized my pride. Am I serving God or man? I also realized that my few days of hard work under the scorching sun, in the filthy smelly water, removing damaged house items from the owner’s house, is nothing in comparison with what he has lost during the tsunami.”
The next day, Mr. Suda greeted the team with a whispered thank you. On the last day, during an afternoon break, he sat with the team and began to talk.  They were able to explain their beliefs as Christians, and even pray for Mr. Suda and his neighbor.  By day’s end, he was not only smiling, but dancing and joking around with the team.
A team member said, What we do is so little, just like drops in a bucket. But many drops make a pond, and many ponds make a flood.”
For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD, as the waters cover the sea. Habakkuk 2:10  
Please continue to pray for the people of Japan. You may also give toward OM’s work in Japan, and learn how you can go on a relief trip.  Thanks for your partnership.

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