TODAY: 40 years of OM Ships

Over 42 million visitors have stepped aboard an OM ship since the ministry began 40 years ago today.  The ships take knowledge, help, and hope to ports worldwide and are a great introduction to the needs of the world for those on board.  Crew members serving two years are exposed to a variety of different cultures, both off and on the ship.  Pictured here is Logos, the first OM Ship.

Next  to join the fleet was Doulos.  Doulos is the Greek word for servant, an appropriate name for this vessel which was already 60 years old when it was acquired in 1977.  Before being retired at the end of 2010, Doulos was in the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s oldest active ocean-going passenger ship.

Joining Doulos and replacing Logos was Logos II.  Logos is the Greek term for  “word” in the New Testament, used by John to introduce Jesus as the Word to those in the Greek culture.   Logos II served from 1988-2008.

The most recent OM Ship, and the only one currently sailing, is Logos Hope.  It began active service in February 2009.  You can help keep Logos Hope sailing by purchasing fuel. Thanks for your partnership and prayers for Om Ships.

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