signs of life among the ruins of Pakistan

“There is still 2-3 feet of water standing in different areas,” says the OM Pakistan team leader, “The city looks like the ruins of a ‘lost city’, as the devastation is enormous.”  But his team continues bringing good news to the people of the region.  Women on the team began providing henna tattoos to the local women, as a way of lifting their spirits.  These tattoos are made with a temporary pigment, normally in intricate paisleys and lace-like patterns.  But the ladies on the team are drawing henna gospel designs.  Applying the tattoos is a lengthy process, which makes for a relaxed time of sharing the gospel with local ladies.  Many of the ladies are illiterate, so these pictures are a powerful way to communicate God’s story.  And it will stay with them — the henna designs should last about two weeks.  Please continue to pray for these ladies and their families.  Pray for God’s provision for them, for their safety, and for openness to the love of Jesus.

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