miracle and motivation in Pakistan

One OM Pakistan team had a flat tire.  In the tire repair shop they met a Muslim man and gave him a New Testament.  A week later, they saw the man again and he told them, “I was reading about the miracle of Jesus and I thought of praying for my sick relative. I said, ‘God, if the power of Jesus still works, heal him.’ The same day, the sick patient was healed.”

In another city, a team member took his family to visit other families displaced by the flood.  It was during the three-day celebration called Eid in Pakistan, the end of Ramadan, normally marked by celebrations and gift-giving.   But this year, it was a time of despair for many.  Homeless from the floods, the displaced families were very happy that someone spent time with them.  They said, “We cannot forgot this moment until the end of our life; while we were hungry you fed us and you visited us.”

Each of the three OM teams are being strengthened by reports like this.  But physically it is difficult.  One leader motivated his team saying , “We are all very tired but let’s allow our enthusiasm to continue until the final bag has been delivered to those in need.”  And they have.  The number of families served is now over 4,300 (around 30,000 individuals).  Medical teams have helped over 4,200 patients.  Thanks for your gifts and intercession.

Please continue to remember the OM Pakistan team in your prayers.  Pray for their strength, their protection, and for continued wisdom and leading of the Holy Spirit.  Click here to give to OM Pakistan flood relief.  $35 feeds a family of 6 for two weeks.

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