URGENT prayer needed for Pakistan

Families patiently awaiting food distribution last week.
Not all crowds have been this calm.
Please pray for peace as food deliveries continue throughout the country.

The crushing need for immediate aid in Pakistan grows.  Many people are now sleeping on major roads, with their homes gone and nowhere to get food.  The OM team there has been working round the clock assessing needs, handing out food, and running a medical clinic.  The team is asking that you pray strength for them.  Pray the Lord would renew them physically.  Pray for their protection as crowds are growing increasingly more desperate for food and therefore more aggressive.  Flooding continues today, even reaching areas initially spared by the waters.  Pray for an end to the flooding.  Pray against disease and famine.  Pray for God’s provision for the people of Pakistan.

Your gifts are allowing the team in Pakistan to provide aid during this crucial time.  Thank you for giving to Pakistan flood relief.

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