Last Day for OM Film Crew in Haiti

by David Doughty

Today was extremely busy because we had to make up time from yesterday. It started at another orphanage where we interviewed a young man who survived a building collapsing on him, breaking his arm; a girl whose feet got burned; and also the woman who runs that orphanage.

We ended the day getting shots of the Parliament building destroyed as well as the Palace. At 5 pm every day, the guard marches out to the flag in front of the palace and takes it down. It was really emotional to see them take down their country’s flag in front of a destroyed building with perfect precision and stance, even playing a bugle. No one moved during those 5 minutes. Cars stopped on the street, people stood at attention all around. Words couldn’t find my throat, let alone my mouth.

Today’s picture is from our driver’s house.  He lost both his houses and his car that he used as a taxi service. He lost everything. We interviewed him in the rubble where his houses use to be. This area also had an overwhelming smell that I didn’t connect with for a few minutes. I will spare the descriptive words I would use to describe it, because I don’t want you to visualize like I did after finally connecting the dots, realizing that there were still people buried under the rubble we were standing on.
We leave tomorrow for the airport and a 12-hour travel day.  Thanks for your continued prayers.  

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