OM Film Crew in Haiti

Carsten Best and David Doughty, videographers for OM, are in Haiti this week interviewing survivors and shooting footage of the overwhelming aftermath. Doughty was able to get online and send this report of their first day on the ground:

Carsten Best interviews a young girl who
became orphaned in the January 12 quake.

Thank you for your prayers. As soon as Carsten and I landed in Haiti, we got picked up and immediately started shooting video while we were driving through the heart of Port au Prince. The devastation is…..hard to put into words. We quickly (after sitting in traffic for 2 hours) checked into our hotel room then went to an orphanage to start our interviews. The picture here is of a little girl that had a semi-wealthy life style, so after the earthquake her world turned upside down. She found the orphanage during a prayer meeting, and that is where she met Jesus. She then realized there was more to life than living for yourself. What mattered then, doesn’t matter now.

After that, we went to a church that is mostly standing, though all the buildings around it have collapsed. A little girl who lived next door lost both her parents and we interviewed the aunt who is now taking care of her. This place was a lot harder to be at because you are standing on the roof of a three story building when you get out of the car. Some people have lost their minds, and then you turn around and you have people bathing in the streets out of a bucket. Then you walk into the church and 6 girls gather around a mic and are singing praises to the Lord as the worship band practices with various instruments. There is such a stark contrast of beauty and death. It’s the ultimate extreme that I will never forget.

There is no telling what we will find next. I don’t think exciting is the right word for it….sobering…..surreal….that might touch more of the emotions that surround everything. Sometimes I find myself thinking…this can’t be real. Seeing the National Palace in ruins reminded me of an end of the world-type movie. Again, thank you for your prayers. Please keep them coming.

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