DIY: turning crates into beds for Haitian orphans

When OM announced plans to ship a container full of supplies to Haiti, OM staff member Randy Jury thought the most efficient way would be to build crates to hold the items. When staffer Ray Cooper heard about the crates, he wondered if they could be designed to reassemble into sturdy bunk beds upon arrival. Ray had been to Haiti since the earthquakes and knew kids in the orphanage were sleeping on cardboard mats or on the concrete floor. So Randy went back to work to create the crates.

Randy Jury and Tom Paver begin to reassemble a crate.

Randy, Ray, and the rest of their crew built 25 crate bunks — that’s 50 new beds for orphaned kids in Haiti. The measurements fit mattresses being made in Haiti, and the bunks will be painted using supplies bought in country. Nearly one ton of sheets and blankets were included in the container shipment.  Each crate took 2-3 hours to construct but will only take 20-30 minutes to reassemble as a bunk bed.  
Thanks to everyone who helped build or load these crates. The final shipment contained 22,394 pounds of much-needed items for Haiti.  Many of you from Atlanta-area churches were part of this project and it could not have been completed without your help.  The container is on its way and due to arrive Monday morning, much quicker than expected!  Please pray for the container’s safe delivery and for an easy distribution.  
OM staffers with a completed bunk.
(clockwise from top left:) Randy Jury, Tom Paver, Carl Hoffman, and Nigel Harman.

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