team in Haiti after flight change

The donated charter jet leaves Georgia for Haiti.

The emergency response team sent to Haiti by OM USA in partnership with New Hope Baptist Church was diverted to the Dominican Republic. The team had been given a confirmed landing time for Haiti, yet the air space was closed and they were sent to the Dominican Republic. So they traveled by land into Haiti and have arrived at the first orphanage, the one written about here yesterday. Everyone there survived the strong aftershock of this morning.

We will keep you updated on the team’s progress. Word has gotten to them that a second orphanage on the other side of Port-au-Prince was also spared, as was a third orphanage farther away. What powerful reminders of God’s heart for the orphan, referred to throughout Scripture. Please continue to pray that the team will be able to get food and water to the kids, as well as pave the way for subsequent teams.

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