team en route to Haitian orphanage

Kids before the earthquake, at the orphanage where OM is sending a team.

OM USA is sending out a six-member emergency response team to serve several orphanages in Haiti. Each team member is certified in search and rescue. The group will first search the rubble of a school just outside Port au Prince for possible survivors. As many as 2,000 children may be buried there beneath the rubble. No rescue teams have yet been in the area where they are going.

Water is the greatest need for an orphanage that was miraculously spared. The kids are sleeping outside since it is unknown how safe their building is, but praise God for protecting these children. The town around this orphanage was completely destroyed so the orphanage is providing aid to the neighborhood survivors. Pray for this team as they go, that the Lord will protect them and that they will be able to find anyone still alive. Subscribe to this blog for more updates. And click here to give to OM relief work in Haiti.

Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this:
to look after orphans and widows in their distress.

James 1:27

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  1. Donna, I’m a former OM’er from the Doulos. I just returned from the Good Samaritan Hospital in the Dominican Republic on Haiti’s border serving the acute injuries. As far as water needs—encourage you to talk with Samaritan Purse. They are on ground in Haiti and are installing portable water filtration systems that are effective and low-cost.

  2. Since this was posted OM has been installing water systems. But you are correct. I have heard personally that SP has a large and effective team on the ground there. That’s very encouraging because skilled workers are so valuable right now. Skills like yours are especially needed. Thanks for all you have done with the hospital during this critical time.

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