Passion 2010 crushes injustice

In Atlanta at the Passion Conference:
22,000 students (ages 18-25) raised
$668,000 for global projects
One couple matched that —
bringing the
grand total to
$1.3 million.

For OM, that meant not just one but TWO Dalit education centers will be built in India. The Dalits are one of the world’s most oppressed people groups. In their culture, they drink out of clay cups and when they are finished smash the cups, so no one else will be made “unclean” by coming into contact with them. Passion attendees paid $30 for two cups, one to take home as a prayer reminder, and another to break as a prophetic act toward the future of the Dalit people, thereby helping to crush injustice. Proceeds went toward the Dalit education centers, where Dalit children are being equipped and empowered. Here’s more from the Dalit cup crushing experience at Passion:

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