A Response to Injustice

A short-term missions team gave a presentation on their recent ministry in India. The team spent a great deal of time ministering to young girls who had been rescued from brothels. They had been sold into the sex trade as young children. The following is the response from an American woman who heard the report.

“Jesus, it’s not fair. How can I live my life here when thousands of girls are having their innocence stolen from them? Forced to have sex 20 times a day. It’s unthinkable. How can I know about it, pray for two minutes and then move on? How can I shop for Christmas presents and live my life? I have so much to be thankful for. Those girls have nothing to be thankful for. I am so blessed, and I need nothing. Do those girls even know what a blessing is? Their parents sold them. Men are having sex with them over and over and over. How could they forgive? How could they find hope? Where is that? They are only 12 years old. Have they ever laughed or smiled? Have they ever experienced love? I am loved by so many people. And still I daily need more. I have such a deep need for love. How much more must that need be for someone who doesn’t receive any love?

“I don’t want to move on. I don’t want to stop crying. It feels like and injustice to forget and move on. Who will love them? Where will they find hope? But what can I do? What is the answer? I want to fix it. I want to hug them. And tell them that they are special. That they have a God that cares.

“Why do I get so much love and they get none? How can this happen and no one cares? And maybe now I’ll cry for 30 minutes or an hour, but then what?”

If only all of the body would react this way to such a realization. Perhaps as a united body under the head, a great something could be done.

PRAY: Pray for India

GIVE: Give to Ministry to Women

GO: Inquire about opportunities

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