Filipino flood victim: “Thank you for coming to us”

On Tuesday the team from OM Philippines packed and delivered 500 relief packages with the help of a Chinese church. Instead of asking people to come to them, the team walked in knee-deep stagnant flood water block by block to waiting families.

“Thank you for coming to us” said an elderly man who was partially paralyzed and confined to the second floor of his house. For him, as well as a number of other families, it was the first time food relief had been brought to them in the ten days since the flood hit. Many families had tried getting to centralized relief stations but found large crowds and short supplies by the time they arrived, and were unable to get aid. So these deliveries were quite a blessing. Pray that the teams will be able to continue finding and giving help to those with the greatest needs.

The small OM team has more packs ready for this weekend. They will be going to a different area and working alongside three local churches to distribute food to over 300 families. Please pray that predicted storms will stay at sea.

Give online to OM Philippines Typhoon Relief.

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