Doulos enters one-month drydock, Logos Hope arrives in St. Lucia

After time in two separate ports in Malaysia, OM ship Doulos began a month-long dry dock in Singapore. Please pray for those working on the ship during this time as they make yearly repairs and updates.

Kota Kinabalu, the crew’s first Malaysian stop, was the ship’s 600th port. While there, 67 new team members came from all over the world to join the Doulos crew. The crew got out into the community, working with local pastor Brandon Chin to host a painting competition.This was the second one held by Doulos in Kota Kinabalu. Winning paintings lined the walls of the ship’s International Cafe.

[above:] The Doulos Taekwondo team learns new skills at a Taekwondo studio in Kota Kinabalu.

From there, Doulos sailed to Pasir Gudang, where ship managers received leadership training and the book store welcomed a local chapter of the internationally known BookCrossing Book Club. A French BookCrossing member said, “The idea of bringing knowledge through affordable books on a ship is brilliant! More charities should educate the world through the medium of a ship.”

While Doulos moved to drydock, Logos Hope sailed to St. Lucia in the Caribbean. Work continues there on the Help Store, a place to store donations of materials to be used in help projects; things like soaps, shoes and t-shirts. Help Ministries Manager Marian Thompson of Scotland explained, “we want to really get alongside other projects working in the different ports that we visit and show the people that they are valued and loved”.

[above:] Jonathan “Jono” Smith of New Zealand and Andrew Bandara from Sri Lanka have been working to get the Help Store ready to open on Logos Hope.

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