31 Days of Worship & Prayer starts tomorrow

au- gust
(adj.): inspiring awe or admiration; majestic

Starting Saturday in our worship center are 31 days of worship and prayer that are open to the community. Please join us as we come together from all different backgrounds and churches to pray as one for the community, nation and world, as well as for personal breakthroughs. Come and bring friends or your small group any August evening from 6-9pm on the Tyrone campus. Get directions.

OM Prayer Ministries leader Graham Wells says about the event, “We look forward to seeing what God will do. There is a real sense from many that as His people we are facing many issues within society that we need to see God breakthrough in – this is His method to do so. We are excited to host this event that has come out of a small gathering of people from different churches who are concerned about the times and the need for unity and personal transformation and healing.”

Please join us in prayer to our august God.

If you are not local, please pray from where you are. Thanks.

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