Notes from an OM trekker…

The Richness of God in Nepal

I’ve been in Nepal for just over three months; days rich with experiences of God’s goodness.

One of the major ministries in Nepal is trekking, in which we sell books in remote areas where people often have never heard of God’s Son. The time is an amazing experience, as you depend on God to provide for all your needs, including food and a place to stay each night.

I went on my second trek a few weeks ago, this time as the leader. I was uncomfortable with that position for many reasons, not the least of which is my still limited Nepali. Continually God assured me He would take care of everything we needed, and I saw this in wonderful ways.

On the top of a mountain in a tiny village, my friend and I were talking with a group of women. They seemed interested, but we had shared everything we could in Nepali. At that time, a man came who told us he was a Nepali believer. He bought one of the books and started sharing its truths with one woman. He suggested she buy the book and read for herself, and when she said she had no money, he gave her his copy and bought another!

Every time, God sent someone to share when we couldn’t. Plus, every night, He provided us with a place to stay. Twice we slept outside, and when the storms came, He provided a shelter. God provided exactly what we needed at every moment.

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