Liberty University

Nat and I visited America’s largest Christian University – Liberty. 10,000 students attend. The academic center is huge. Thus far they only use part of the 3rd floor and none of the 4th yet. Nat and I had a good time. My highlights were meeting a Malaysian girl who visited the Doulos as a girl and even had a team come to her 11th birthday party. Her brother was also a STEPer. It’s not often that I meet knows all about our ships, is excited about them, yet never served on board. OM Ships just are not well known in the USA.

I also shared in a dorm one night. I shared my testimony and some devotional thoughts. They seemed to be paying attention to me quite well. Even the dorm chaplain said so.

Also I discovered some of the IDAHOANS at Liberty. In fact there are 6 students who graduated from my High School. One had my mom as a teacher and I had his dad as a teacher.

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