13 statistics on child slavery

“Lord, you know the hopes of humble people. Surely you will hear their cries and comfort their hearts by helping them. You will be with the orphans and all who are oppressed, so that mere earthly man will terrify them no longer.” Psalm 10:17-18

13 statistics on child slavery (compiled by Action International Ministries)

1. 3000 enslaved Albanian children are used for begging, cleaning windows and cars without wages in Italy and Greece

2. an estimated 496,000 children are in slavery in Bangladesh

3. over 10-20 million people are subjected to debt bondage largely in India, Bolivia, Brazil, Peru and the Philippines

4. of 20 bonded laborers in Pakistan, 7.5 million are children

5. of 35 million soccer balls stitched in Pakistan, children produce 1/4. most of them are bonded servants

6. nearly 500,000 minors work in virtual slavery conditions in Senegal

7. UNICEF estimates that nearly 30,000 children in Haiti (85% girls) serve as unpaid, domestic labor among the affluent

8. nearly 10,000 children aged 6-14 are enslaved in Sri Lankan brothels

9. as many as 300,000 children in India work as bonded labor, just in the carpet industry alone

10. 15 million children around the world are bonded laborers, the majority of whom are Indian Dalits, whose bondage is passed down from generation to generation

11. 90% of 100,000 women in prostitution in Mombai are indentured slaves

12. many Indian boys, some as young as 4 years old, are riders in camel races in West Asia and the Gulf States. girls and women end up either as domestic or sex workers.

13. it takes up to 15 years for girls in India held in prostitution to purchase their freedom

be the change!

As Christians, we are always saying “God answers prayer.” Do we really believe it? Gather with a group of friends once a week to pray for children and adults around the world caught in slavery, prostitution and traffiking. God can change the world through our prayers!

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Anti-slavery international is the world’s oldest international human rights organization working exclusively against slavery at local, national and international levels. For updates and information on how you can help, go to www.antislavery.org.

You can also sign a petition calling for an end to modern day slavery and learn about other action options at:

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