OM Ships Presentation Team

Greetings from rainy Arkansas. Our team has been out for the summer, but we hope to post more things here this year.

I have been working hard lining up the schedule for our OM Ships Presentation Team. This year myself, a guy from Canada, and 3 girls from Italy, Ukraine, and Hong Kong will travel to the Chicago, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota area to do presentations in several universities on missions, our ships and the work of our Great God around the world. We will travel for a month in Sept. and Oct.

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  1. Hi Erik, Wish I could travel with you. Sounds like a great September. Bring the team to Blazing Hope Ranch and I will put them to work with our children and horses. I remember how significant the ship teams were that visited Idaho a few years ago and also those that went out from the Logos II in Panama 3 years ago. It was a privilege to be part of that team in Panama. Praying we will each seek first the King and His Kingdom. It is easier to seek first serving the King than the King Himself. mike howard

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