What Is Your Legacy?

Many of you have heard the story of the Haystack and how a couple of students prayed for the nations in 1806 and God heard them. As a result, God raised up 100 000 students who committed their lives to missions. Out of that number 20 000 went overseas and the rest supported them from home.

Last week I was in Williamstown, Massachusetts with a bunch of other people celebrating how small prayers have made a huge impact on the world!

Those days missionaries left home thinking that they’d never return. They wanted to give their lives for something that would last beyond their years. Today many Muslims are willing to lay down their lives for what they believe in. And they can’t even be certain of Allah accepting them.

I have a strong conviction. I believe God is calling our generation to lay down our lives for His sake. I believe we need to stop talking and thinking about all the good things we should and could do. I think we need to take action.

It could be something simple like starting a prayer group for the unreached on your campus. Or maybe it means getting to know that international student. You want your life to matter, so why not start today?

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