Sun and Football (Soccer to Americans)

We’ve been in the Dominican Republic for two days now. We’re part of a missions conference for students that takes place “on the mission field” as the organizers put it.

Hot air, smiling people and students’ lives that are being streched. They went out on ministry for the first time today and everyone seems to be very encouraged. A lot of people even prayed to receive Christ in their lives! How great of a first missin trip can that be!

Michael and I are the OM reps here and have been talking with students about God’s plan and purpose. The speakers are doing such a great job in talking about not hoarding the blessings God gives us but passing them on, that we can see the difference in the people we talk with.

The World Cup is going on at the moment and I’m in the Dominican Republic watching Sweden play England… surreal life! With Go nothing’s ever boring.

3 thoughts on “Sun and Football (Soccer to Americans)”

  1. Hey Heidi!
    The conference was awesome. Sorry Jason and I like too up all of y’alls time, but OM is just so interesting! I’ll probably be contacting you guys when i get into my senior year to maybe set up a gap year, just all depends on if i grow like i need to! Thanks for talking to me and for the book, its an awesome book!
    May God Bless you and all you do!

  2. Great to hear from ya Nick! It was fun talking to you and Jason! We were there for you!

    We’ll keep in touch and we’re praying for you guys that you’ll keep growing in the Lord and that He’ll lead your steps in every way. :)

  3. have fun on your trip to Mexico. Your mission sounds like a load of fun, can’t wait to see the video. I will try and pray for you as often as I remember. I’m bad about putting it off and then falling asleep, but I will pray for you.
    May God Bless your trip and your mission.
    Nick 😉

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