Go Europe!

In our international team, I’m one of the foreigners. I’ve just spent a month in my home country, Finland. My friends and supporters have been quite keen to finding out what life is like in America and what our ministry is like.

Some concepts are totally foreign to Finns (Finland people). For example we don’t have Christian colleges in Finland. People are surprised when I tell them that in America you can become a teacher/nurse/journalist etc. and study in a Christian university. In Finlad there are only a few Bible schools, but they are tiny and you can’t go very far in your studies.

This time around I’ve seen Europe with fresh eyes. Churches and Christians are struggling to even find good Biblical teaching or leaders who would stick to the truth. God has blessed the US and there is so much Americans can give to Finns and other Europeans. Personally all of this has motivated me to talk more about Europe to Americans and I’m excited to fly back to the States and start work again!

Check out europe for some info on Europe.

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