Mississippi Is Around the Bend

In OM we’ve learned long ago to trust in God not in cars. A six hour drive from Atlanta to Jackson, MS, was cut short just 50 miles from Jackson. I was driving as smoke started coming out of the back of the car. A few minutes later the vehicle started really acting up – right at an exit! That was a blessing coz we just made it to the nearest gas station.

Fortunately Jeff and Nadia had driven up the previous day and Jeff came to our rescue. The car is getting fixed and hopefully we’ll be able to drive it back to ATL tomorrow. (Now is a good time to say a little prayer.)

We’re at Belhaven College and a 24 hour prayer started last night and will finish tonight. I don’t know if it’s the southern hospitality or just Jesus, but the atmosphere on campus is very warm. Last night after our meeting a bunch of us went to a professor’s house to hang out and eat some very rich chockolate cake. I’m always to amazed by these Christian colleges and how so many times I’ve seen professors really care about the students, not just academically but as “parents”. True community, eh?

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