Wanted: Good Travelling Skills

Ben loves to travel. He is in his early twenties and has been to 15 countries already. In America you don’t often run into such “super travellers”. He said he is good at travelling. He’ll take his backpack a pair of underwear and adapt to any kind of situation, sleep in $2 hostels and talk to anyone who might come across his path.

We all love to do some things and are really good at them. Sometimes we wonder what God would have us do. Surely it’s not in God’s will for us to do things we love, because Christianity is all about sacrificial living.

Then again God must know why He has wired us a certain way. I love to hang out with people and God has lead me into a ministry where I spend most of my time hanging out with people.

God is interested in us and in our character and growth. I believe in living sacrificially we need to bring our skills and dreams and desires to God and ask what He would have us do with them. Many times it is something we’d never dreamed of.

We are created for a greater purpose, greater adventure and greater faith. Our fear of the unknown and our lack of trust in a God that truly is good binds us from stepping into the life He had in mind before we were born.

P.S. If you love to travel check out living on a ship for two years or trekking in Nepal or backpacking across North Africa. Reckless abandon man!

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