This Generation Rocks!

We’re in Arkansas at John Brown University at the moment. This morning Richard Sharp (British guy who is in OM) spoke in chapel. He got students to stand up front to represent world religions to indicate how much of the world is Christian/Muslim/Hindu and also how many non-Christians live in parts of the world where they can hear the gospel.

Then he had twelve students stand up and represent the missionaries in the world. Eleven were in a part of the world where the gospel is available. Then Richard asked whether students wanted to see this change and would there be any that would be willing to say “Here I am. I’m not much, but I’ll go where you’ll send me.”

The most amazing thing happened. Half of the students (about 500 all together) flooded the front of the chapel. Half of the students! The rest stood up and said they would be committed to sending the rest out!

I’ve never seen a response like that. I pray (and would you pray too) that God would help these students to remember this and that they would actually go and send. The Holy Spirit is really on the move…and is raising this generation up!

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