The Prayershack

On Wednesday night about 20 people squeezed into a room the size of a receptionist’s office. The walls were painted bright red and prayers were written and drawn across the walls. We were there with a bunch of students from the Pacific Lutheran University (PLU), who were just finishing a 48 hour prayerchain. Yes. They actually had someone praying in the shack for 48 hours straight. During the night too. They want to see their campus changed.

We’ve been on the road for two weeks now in the NW and God is raising this generation up to pray. It’s amazing to hear students share their hearts for God and for the world in Oregon, Washington and Idaho.

Yesterday we took the daring 8 hour long drive from Tacoma, WA to Boise, ID. Amazing scenery with crossing the mountains and seeing snow. God’s creation shouts the glory of God!

We’re in Idaho for the last week of our trip. We’ve got some days off and some a couple more meetings. Thanks for keeping up with us…we appreciate your prayers. Nothing happens without prayer.

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