After Thanksgiving, our trio took a road trip to UNF and FSU in Jacksonville and Tallahasse. We pilled into our Town & Country Van and drove 7 hours to the University of North Florida. There we met the Inter Varsity Chapter Director at Wackadoo’s – the local student pub and grill eatery. Edgar and Erik both had Wacky Burgers.

That evening we had a great meeting with the Intervarsity Students. We presented the “Dream Drama”. Erik shared about SE Asia, Heidi about Europe and Edgar about the Near East. We shared stories and videos and prayed for each region, and Heidi gave a challenge at the end. We had some great converstations with many students afterwards.

That night we slept in the ‘village’ which is housing for students. Shawn was a great host for the guys and Kelly was equally great for Heidi. The next morning, just before leaving, JT managed to catch us. We had a great meeting and answered many questions for him as well, and was great to get to know him. He ‘warned’ us that we would be meeting his former roommate at FSU.

At Florida State we met Taylor & Carissa who lead IVCF at FSU. We did our program again, and had a great time talking to many students. Kathy was especially inquisitive and asked many questions, which we love to answer.

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