Thunder, lightning and rain. After a beautiful day on campus, we got some pretty bad weather. When I finally made it to the dorms, a siren went off and the guys on the floor said:”Tornado alarm, everyone, go down to the basement!” So I joined the masses down the stairs.
This dorm has 4 floors; only one floor with guys, so we had an interesting crowd.

Girls carrying blankets and stuff to eat, guys with computer textbooks and laptops (complaining about the absence of wireless connection in the basement). One guy told me that the last time they sat down there for about 2 hours… And I didn’t bring anything to read!

Last night I shared with the guys on my floor how I got involved into missions. One of the guys came up to me in the basement and said: ” I have some questions about your country, maybe now is the right time to ask them…”
So I shared about the declining church in The Netherlands and Europe. And that Europe is a mission field right now. We talked about this for a while, until we got word that the alarm phase was over.

Always be ready to answer questions…

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